Why Join Us


Impressions Consultancy Service India Ltd. is the starting point for companies looking for reliable and proficient employees. Staff within the Company consists of team members who are experts in the field of personnel management as well as within the sphere of sales, marketing and finance, which allows us to determine the customer's requirements and to offer practical recommendations for their solution.

How we Work : :-

  • We develop a comprehensive position profile based upon information furnished by you.
  • Review current compensation and recommend changes based upon market and competitive conditions.
  • A marketing strategy that utilizes our professional contacts throughout India.
  • A screening process that narrows the field of candidates who most closely match needs of the company.
  • Assistance during the interview and selection process and in the negotiation of compensation package.
  • We protect your company confidentiality when discretion is necessary.

To ensure our selection processes are as thorough as possible, we use:-

  • Resource of continually updated data base
  • Method of direct research - Head Hunting
  • Advertisements in mass media i.e. newspapers, radio, etc.
  • Internal channels for informational sourcing